GOODNIGHT MR. LEWIS: An Interview With Sandra Bernhard

Every year at this time I get a chance to chat with the legendary performer and comedian Sandra Bernhard, who will do her annual holiday show – this year titled Feel The Bernhard – at NYC’s Joe’s Pub Dec. 26th – 31st. At times like these, we need her wisdom and wit more than ever. 


Welcome back to NYC. For many the mood in America and especially liberal minded places like NYC is one of despair or at least apprehension. Is there more opportunity or even responsibility for you to break down what the hell has happened and how we should go forward?

Well, I believe my work is always imbued with a political consciousness but above everything I am there to uplift and entertain which I will be doing this year now more than ever.

What words of advice do you have for those of us left speechless by current events?

Like Michelle Obama, I will try to go high, through my performing and social commentary. I believe events will unfold that will reveal the true nature of this country and what everyone needs in order to live a happy, healthy existence. That’s what I can do every day. 

Is Donald Trump a comedic goldmine? Certainly SNL has risen to the occasion. 

Whether he is or not, I would have much preferred the very unfunny Hillary Clinton. There are many other sources of comedy for me that I would prefer mining!


Talking about this year’s show at Jee’s Pub – will it offer an angrier you, a more philosophical you? What can we expect?

Total fun and entertainment honey, I can sock it to you without taking you down, If I’ve learned anything from all the years in this business, it’s to be able to poke at the embers without starting a forest fire.

This year you worked with Bette Midler on the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign. When you two were together, was it as fun as it sounds?

I actually didn’t spend that much time with the Divine Miss M, I simply showed up and hosted her wonderful spring fund raiser for NYRP. My dream is to do a duet with her. I have also had her on my SiriusXM daily show Sandayland, which was very insightful and entertaining; getting to know Bette a little bit has been a dream come true.

Some poet said the show must go on…  what will you be up to in 2017?

My daily radio show #Sandyland on Siriusxm, which I am enjoying so much; also continuing to tour with my one-woman shows, developing scripted projects, and maybe translating the radio show into a TV platform.

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