There’s a Criterion Collection Flash Sale Going On! Here’s What You Should Be Buying

The good folks over at The Criterion Collection have certainly been showing us a lot of love lately. After they so kindly made all of their films available on Hulu for free on Valentines weekend, now they have graced us with a Flash Sale. Cue: cinephiles everywhere stopping whatever they’re doing, desparatingly scouring their dwindling bank statements and proclaiming, "But I will literally die without that Rohmer box set!" 

So, from now until noon on the 27th, all in-stock Blu-rays and DVDs are 50% off, and all you have to do is enter their code and voilà! I certainly understand that remembering what you wanted in the first place—let alone making a decision—is hard enough, so I’ve compiled the best Collectors Sets available on the site that you otherwise probably wouldn’t be able to shell out the money for. From American New Wave classics to German melodramas and everything in between, here’s a helpful reminder of what you should be purchasing today.


America Lost and Found: The BBS Story 

  • Head, Bob Rafelson 
  • Easy Rider, Dennis Hooper
  • Five Easy Pieces, Bob Rafelson
  • Drive, He Said, Jack Nicholson
  • A Safe Place, Henry Jaglom
  • The Last Picture Show, Peter Bogdonavich
  • The King of Marvin Gardens, Bob Rafelson

The BDR Trilogy, Rainer Werner Fassbinder

  • The Marriage of Maria Braun
  • Veronika Voss
  • Lola

By Brakhage: An Anthology, Volumes One and Two

  • By Brakhage An Anthology: Volume One
  • By Brakhage An Anthology: Volume Two

Eclipse Series 19: Chantal Ackerman in the Seventies

  • La Chambre
  • Hotel Monterey 
  • News From Home
  • Je Tu Il Elle
  • Les Rendez-Vous D’Anna

Eclipse Series 35: Maidstone and Other Films by Norman Mailer

  • Maidstone
  • Wild 90
  • Beyond the Law

Eclipse Series 9: The Delirious Fictions of William Klein

  • Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?
  • The Model Couple
  • Mr. Freedom

I Am Curious…Box Set, Vilgot Sjöman

  • I Am Curious—Yellow
  • I Am Curious—Blue

La Jetee/Sans Soleil, Chris Marker

  • La Jettee
  • Sans Soleil

John Cassavetes: Five Films

  • Shadows
  • Faces
  • A Woman Under the Influence
  • The Killing of  Chinese Bookie
  • Opening Night
  • A Constant Forge, Charles Kiselyak

Six Moral Tales, Eric Rohmer

  • The Bakery Girl of Monceau
  • My Night at Maud’s
  • Love in the Afternoon
  • Claire’s Knee
  • Suzanne’s Career
  • La Collectionneuse

Three Colors, Krzysztof Kieślowski

  • Three Colors: Blue
  • Three Colors: White
  • Three Colors: Red

Eclipse Series 18: Dušan Makavejev—Free Radical

  • Man is Not a Bird
  • Love Affair, or The Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator
  • Innocence Unprotected

10 Years of Rialto Pictures

  • Army of Shadows, Jean-Pierre Melville
  • Band of Outsiders, Jean-Luc Godard
  • Au hasard Balthazar, Robert Bresson
  • Billy Liar, John Schlesinger
  • The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Luis Buñuel
  • Mafioso, Alberto Lattuada
  • Rififi, Jules Dassin
  • The Third Man, Carol Reed
  • Touchez Pas au Grisbi,  Jacques Becker

Wim Wenders’ Tales of Existential Romantic Yearning

*Note: Okay fine, I made this one up but still.

  • Paris, Texas
  • Wings of Desire
  • Alice in the Cities

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