The Ghost of Eva Longoria Parker

By Nick Haramis

imageIt’s not an easy sell. Sex turns a profit, as Eva Longoria Parker knows quite well from her experience on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.” But death? Life after death? Well, it didn’t exactly do much for Reese Witherspoon in that movie with Mark Ruffalo. This time around, Paul Rudd takes over for Ruffalo in Over Her Dead Body, a romantic comedy about a woman (Longoria Parker) who dies on her wedding day, and comes back to haunt her husband’s new squeeze. Below, the aspiring cinema siren talks business, basketball, and her big gamble. And, who knows? Things worked out pretty well for Mary Alice. (Or should we say Angela?)

BLACKBOOK: You recently said that if you were to die, you’d haunt your husband, Tony Parker. What exactly would that entail?

EVA LONGORIA PARKER: I would probably lie next to him while he was sleeping and stare at him. Actually, it’s not all that different than what I do now.

BB: How does it feel to top Maxim‘s Top 100 list?

ELP: Two years in a row.

BB: Of course.

ELP: Yeah, that’s right. [Laughs.] My favorite part was when they blew up the cover and you could see it from space using Google Earth.

BB: I hear you love stadium food. What’s your favorite?

ELP: Hot dogs! I’m in New York now, and I love street meat. Or nachos. I love nachos at the Staples Center.

BB: There are already enough miscellaneous facts about you online—you do your own laundry, you’re good at shooting guns. So instead, tell me something most people don’t know about Paul Rudd.

ELP: About Paul Rudd? He’s pretty domestic too. He’s a great dad, and a pretty amazing guy. He’s not at all like the guy he always plays with the dry sense of humor. He’s actually pretty fun.

imageBB: There’s been a lot of hype about your tattoo.

ELP: I know! And it’s an old tattoo, so it’s kind of crazy.

BB: Angelina changed her Billy Bob tattoo when she got together with Brad Pitt. I’m wondering how you’d hide yours if things ever went sour?

ELP: I don’t even think about it, because it’s not an option.

BB: How does one parlay a BS in Kinesiology into a gig on Wisteria Lane?

ELP: I don’t. [Laughing.] The study of the body and physical therapy has nothing to do with acting.

BB: When are you going to release an album?

ELP: I’m absolutely not. I can’t even sing “Happy Birthday.” I don’t know who’d want to hear me sing.

BB: You were a strong Kerry advocate in the last election. Who are you supporting this year?

ELP: The democrat nominee, whoever that is.

BB: What’s the main difference between working in daytime TV and starring in a prime-time series?

ELP: Oh god, they’re completely different. Soap operas are completely different from prime-time television. Obviously, the story lines are different, along with the writing and the way cameras are used. One-hour dramas are shot with a single camera, and soap operas are shot with multi-camera. Soaps do one show a day, we do one show a week.


BB: Do you have any shows you watch religiously?

ELP: Ah, I’m so excited about the Lost premiere tonight! BB: I hear that you’re taking French lessons. What’s the sexiest French phrase you’ve learned?

ELP: You could say “sit down” and it would sound sexy in French. Every single word in that language sounds amazing and sexy and romantic. They just kind of flow off your tongue.

BB: Is it difficult to juggle film, television, and a family?

ELP: Yeah, I think it’s always difficult for any working mom, whether you’re an actress, or a dentist, or a lawyer, or a bus driver. Everybody has to balance work and family, so I don’t think it will be any different for me.

BB: If you had the choice to kill Gabrielle off, how would she go?

ELP: I don’t know, gosh. I hope I don’t ever get killed off.

Photos of Eva Longoria Parker courtesy Patrick McMullan Company

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