Casey Wilson & June Raphael on ‘Bride Wars’ & ‘Housewives’

The morning after the premiere of the chick-flick-to-end-all-chick-flicks Bride Wars, co-screenwriter/Saturday Night Live new It-Girl Casey Wilson and her best friend and writing partner June Raphael do their best not to talk over each other while dishing on Long Island wedding factories, bedazzled cell phones, and what makes seemingly normal girls go bonkers.

Casey, everyone knows the SNL after party is one of the hottest late-night parties in the city. What are the best late-night spots in New York? Casey Wilson: People [from the cast of SNL] go to Waverly Inn, they go to Rose Bar. June Raphael: She doesn’t really know. CW: I just go to bed.

You started in LA doing improv. So you don’t like clubs, but is there a café you used to hang out in a lot? CW: This place called Formosa Café. Starbucks.

For Casey, what are some of your favorite restaurants/venues in the city, and how have they changed since you joined SNL last year? CW: Well, they’ve changed in that I can go to better places now. Used to be Starbucks, McDonald’s … I used to go to Veselka, or Café Orlin in the East Village JR: I went to Veselka this morning.

What was the coolest part of watching your script get turned into a film? JR: Oh man, it was amazing. I think hearing the lines that you’ve written and said to each other — and when we’re writing, we say them to each other — and improvising in the back of cafes … CW: In the back of the cafes that we won’t advertise. JR: [laughs] Yah, to see moments in the script that were not comedic moments turned funny by the actresses was so exciting. CW: When the 20th Century Fox logo came on at the premiere, the “duuuh duuh duh” was the best. We didn’t even know how to use Final Draft, the writing program, when we started writing, and we never had any money to do anything. But seeing the big Fox logo felt like it suddenly legitimized everything.

I’d imagine getting ready for a premiere makes girls almost as crazy as weddings. Any fighting over who got to wear what last night? CW: No, I don’t think so. June borrowed a very nice pair of my shoes but didn’t even wear them. JR: I’m deciding when to give those back. When Casey lends something, she says “Just the only thing about this is don’t ruin it.” CW: There was one incident …

June, you’re engaged. Do you think being part of the film will make you less of a bridezilla in your own wedding? JR: Absolutely. Actually, it was the absolute best timing. I feel like I’ve already had a wedding, and it’s called Bride Wars. CW: The premiere was like a combination of an adult prom and a wedding.

Between Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson — who’d make a crazier bride? CW: Toss up. That’s a tough one. JR: I think that a lot of women who seem like normal, logical people go bonkers. So you have no clue what’s gonna happen. CW: Nobody’s safe. JR: Maybe I would say Anne actually, but only because she doesn’t seem like it.

For both Casey and June, who was the worst bridezilla you’ve ever had to deal with? CW: I had a girlfriend, she wasn’t so much a bridezilla, but things did get very strange. She was kind of yelling, walking down the aisle in kind of a cry-walk. People were thinking, “Oh, she’s crying because it was so beautiful,” but I knew really it was a pissed off-walk. One of the details must have gone very awry.

Are Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s characters based on any girls you know, and if so do they know? CW: I don’t think so. If anything, it’s probably based on our friendship. JR: I think we have a lot of us in both characters. We’ve never gone through a wedding together, but it’s really not a movie about bridezillas, it’s about their friendship, and a mistake they go through and trying to fix it.

Are you two competitive? JR: I’m more scared to get into a fight with Casey than any other person in my life because she knows me better. She knows exactly what to say. I think we’re competitive with stuff. Phones and bags.

What’s the last think you fought over? JR: Casey got her Blackberry bedazzled after she saw Sex and the City, and I literally went that day to the store. Not only that, but Casey only got the front bedazzled, and I got both. I’ve been nervous Casey’s gonna get an iPhone because then I’ll have to get one.

According to you guys, the Plaza is obviously the best place for a wedding. What’s the worst? CW: Oh God, maybe a hospital. I gotta say I’m not into the crazy, “let’s go scuba diving” weddings. In a car, maybe? JR: I once worked in a wedding factory, in Long Island. In one Saturday in June, they could do 12 weddings in a day. I would greet the brides when they would arrive, and there’d be three brides in the lobby walking around together. That’s tough. You don’t want to see another bride on your wedding day, and you definitely don’t want to see two.

Casey, I read in another interview that you’re into Bravo. Speaking of crazy married ladies, if you had to move to one Real Housewives town, which would it be? CW: We can definitely answer this one. We are obsessed with The Real Housewives of Orange County. JR: Me too.

Which housewife is your favorite? CW: Jeana. JR: I know it’s controversial, but I have a real love for Vicki. I know people make judgments about her, but I think we should just look a bit closer. I’m worried about her. I think being on the show is not good for her. I’d like to sit her down and help her.

2008 has been a big year for you guys. What’s up next in ‘09? JR: We’re writing a movie for us to star in, so we’re working on that. It’s a fun comedy about girls in their 20s, it’s untitled as of yet. CW: June has The Year One with Jack Black and Michael Cera.

Casey, what’s something most people don’t know about SNL? CW: That I’m on it.

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