8 Potential Targets for James Franco & Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Night Monologue

Following today’s surprise announcement that James Franco and Anne Hathaway were tapped to co-host this year’s Academy Awards, we’ve been trying to imagine what it’s going to be like. On a physical front, it’ll be pure eye candy. Steve and Alec, we love you, but we’d much rather ogle these two during the opening musical number, limber as they are. But Franco and Hathaway can’t rely on looks alone – they’ll have to deliver the comedic goods if they want their gig to be a success. After the jump, a short primer/wishlist of targets we think they will and should take aim at in the opening monologue.

Onscreen nudity: This has been Hathaway’s claim to fame of late, making her exquisite physique the basis of her SNL opening monologue two weeks ago and posing naked on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Also, in her new movie, Love and Other Drugs, her character is allergic to clothes.

Dismemberment: In 2010, Dave Franco became the first person in history to be asked, “What was it like watching your brother chop off his arm onscreen?” And since the elder Franco stands to be a Best Actor front-runner on Oscar night, 127 Hours‘s zeitgeist-y climax will be a focal point.

Homosexuality: This is Hollywood, folks.

Facebook: We anticipate 8 or more nominations for The Social Network, meaning it will be on everyone’s mind and one of the favorites for Best Picture. Plus, jokes about Facebook are easy and forever topical.

Justin Timberlake: Whether or not he gets his much-desired nomination for Best Supporting Actor, this was the year Justin Timberlake announced himself as a true thespian. He’s also someone who can easily laugh at himself, so please guys, go bananas.

Their age: Did you hear? James Franco and Anne Hathaway combined are still younger than Steve Martin!

Mel Gibson: If they miss this, we’ll miss Chris Rock.

Inception‘s ending: Another near-lock for a Best Picture nomination, Inception‘s ending was probably the single-most discussed moment in film this year (until people see this, of course). Cut to Leonardo DiCaprio and/or Christopher Nolan’s forced laughter!

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