Does ‘No Time To Die’ Contain a Warning to the Anti-Maskers?

It says something about the anti-maskers that they can’t even take a cue from f*cking James Bond. After all, the British super spy had two scheduled release dates in 2020, and made the unusually pragmatic decision to not tempt fate during a global pandemic that has by now claimed 1.4 million lives.

He has promised to return to the job of kicking the asses of the world’s most exotically monikered supervillains, this time it being Rami Malek’s sinister Zafin, in the upcoming and 25th film in the franchise, No Time To Die. The second trailer arrived in September, and we were giving it a few more enthusiastic views when we noticed something we hadn’t caught the first time around. But more on that later.

The clip opens with Bond trying desperately not to be crushed under the wheels of a speeding Maserati, atop Puglia, Italy’s architecturally striking Madonna of the Star Aqueduct. Then, bloodied and battered, he edifyingly utters, “The past isn’t dead.” It’s followed by a pithy exchange with Léa Seydoux’s gorgeous Dr. Madeleine Swann.

Swann: “His name is Safin.”

Bond: “And what does he want?”

Swann: “Revenge. Me.”

007 then travels to (of course) a sultry Santiago, Chile, to take up with this-year’s-model femme fatale assassin Paloma (Ana de Armas), who exhibits that she knows equally well how to wield a little black dress, and assault-grade firearms. Safin gives the obligatory “evil philosopher” speech to his rival: “We both eradicate people to make the world a better place. I just want to be a little…tidier.”

There are impressively Transformers-like flying machines, impossible motorcycle jumps, and Daniel Craig doing lots of hunkified brooding. So, yes, awesome.

But then at exactly 2:03 into the 2:35 long trailer, Bond spits the decisive warning, “If we don’t do this, there will be nothing left to save.”

One seriously can’t help but wonder if that line was specifically added in to address the current and idiotic anti-mask movement, perhaps an attempt at reverse brainwashing? (If anyone could do it, Bond can.) Along with the title actually being No Time to Die, it proves once again the serendipitous zeitgeistiness that has made Bond so continuously relevant.

Our suggestion? Take that line, edit it into a PSA, and blow a chunk of the marketing budget blaring it out across every screen in America.

Oh, and wear you’re bloody mask—this is, you know…no time to die.

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