World Premiere: See Chrystabell and David Lynch’s Stunning New Video for ‘All The Things’

Photo by Elias Tahan

As part of the Made in Cloister project, Nicolangelo Gelormini has directed a dreamlike video for Chrystabell’s new single “All The Things”, which she penned with David Lynch and Dean Hurley. It was filmed in the stunningly restored monastery of Santa Caterina a Formiello in Naples, a masterpiece of Neapolitan Renaissance architecture turned contemporary art incubator—and it is every bit as exquisite as you’re thinking it might be.

It was co-produced by Annie Ohayon and Fondazione Tramontano Arte.

In anticipation of our world premier, Bell took a moment to tell us about the experience.


How did you come to choose Nicolangelo Gelormini to direct the video?

Nicolangelo was chosen by Davide De Blasio, a friend who is restoring the Cloisters in Naples, because of his sensibilities, as well as his approach to the song. I loved his previous work and his storyline. The song has subtlety and depth, and in order to capture the essence it must be dealt with in kind visually. It’s a tall order and I think it was met beautifully.

Tell us about the atmosphere of The Cloister. It seems to really capture the mood of the song.

The Cloister was a perfect fit. The decadent splendor of the architecture so aptly illustrated a mournful heart trapped in decaying memories.

Were there any particularly memorable moments during the filming of the video? 

This was the first time in a music video that the director wanted me to act for the camera to fulfill the needs of the narrative. I was excited and nervous about that; I was dreading it actually. Then when it was over, I was wishing we could do more takes! Also, being in Naples was such a thrill. It’s an incredibly culturally rich city and in my romanticized vision it’s a place overflowing with juicy secrets waiting to be uncovered. I am in a near constant state of wonder at the beauty and feeling there. I would return in a heartbeat.

(Image by Carlo William Rossi) 

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