Chrystabell Enlightens on How Her Lyrics Might Just Change Your Life

It must be said, there are simply far, far too many songs being written these days about someone’s frankly not all that interesting breakup; or worse, about how – yay! – they’re suddenly in another relationship. Seriously, especially in times such as these, when we are facing down mortality every day, and the very foundations of our socio-political systems appear to be crumbling, what we really need are some genuinely revelatory lyrics. We need to art to guide us towards a greater understanding of just what we’re going through, and how we might actually get through it.

Celestial songstress Chrystabell seemed to intuitively fathom that need, and then set out to write an album that would possibly take us to the very Heavens and return us with the sort of wisdom and perspicacity that just might help us to not just endure this truly harrowing period of our existence, but to perhaps even thrive in it. The result is her astonishing new concept album Midnight Star (via Love Conquered Records), hardly just a collection of songs, but rather a veritable journey towards life-altering epiphany.

It’s admittedly hardly a surprise to find her in this position – after all, she plays muse to David Lynch, who is arguably one of the most philosophically attuned beings on the planet. But it still cannot be emphasized enough to what degree Midnight Star has taken her taken her creative odyssey to previously unimaginable places. Indeed, tracks like ‘Breathe Into Euphoria’ (“Dance into the storm / When the morning comes / In a dream we’ll slip away / Like feathers in the wind”) and ‘Suicide Moonbeams’ (“Love will always find / Everything you want / And it’s right here, right here, right here, oh / I don’t know what has left you blind”) are like little synth-pop arias of enlightenment, pointing the way through the fog of our current confusion and discontent.

And so hoping to achieve the greatest possible revelation through music, we asked her to select three songs from Midnight Star, and to explicate on just what sort of lessons are to be found lurking within their lyrical magic. We also vigorously recommend regular plays of the album to maintain some sense of euphoria through a surely uncertain 2022.

‘Breathe Into Euphoria’

The conditioning of modern culture is deep and starts even before birth. A soldier is fighting to stay alive, someone rewarded for staying in line and following the rules set up by someone else for their own purposes. Our parents love us, but it’s all they know too, so they teach us “the fight” and it is perpetuated on and on. There’s always a sense that if you’re not busy working, if you’re not “making it happen” in the way that is accepted by society, you’re just lazy and a bad person, a misfit and an outcast. When we are in the creative flow of life, work isn’t work, it’s rewarding active participation achieving one’s own fulfillment.  The song ‘Breathe Into Euphoria’ suggests breathing, dancing and loving to remind us we’re not here to fight, we’re here to connect, create and care for one another.

‘Golden Sky’

Along those same lines is this lyric from ‘Golden Sky’: “Rising up slow, all is revealed, abandon control, see how you feel, closer to Heaven and everyone.” A motif in the record is the process of ascension, rising up, getting a cosmic view and releasing the fixation on details that may hinder the feeling of ultimate fulfillment, which is the awareness that worthiness of Divine Love does not come from anything that you do, say or achieve, but by simply existing. Perhaps true peace is found when we somehow release the need to try and control anything and find the serenity to fully surrender to the Mystery. We were each granted consciousness and an immeasurably sophisticated human vessel to celebrate and contemplate the gift of life. Upon taking our first breath, we have already won the cosmic lottery. 


“In my vision tonight, I will follow the lights, flashing codes in the sky – don’t know why” We’re given signs constantly that are Easter egg hunts to fulfillment if we acknowledge them – gifts from our higher knowing leading us to the limitless nature of our truest selves. The signs don’t always make sense in the moment. The more we pay attention and act on our intuition, the more powerful our antennae become at picking up the signal of Infinite Intelligence. In this process of shedding resistance and self doubt and trusting this guidance system, more and more opportunities present themselves to discover the exciting and fulfilling destiny that is available to us. I think of intuition as the most valuable asset a person can nurture for very satisfying results. When this inner guidance system is primed, pumped and firing on all cylinders, it is one sure path to mind blowing magic transpiring in one’s life!

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