Amy Schumer Accepts Woman of the Year: “Thank You For Calling Me A Woman”

Amy Schumer was named Woman of the Year at last night’s Men of the Year Awards, hosted by British GQ. In her acceptance speech, Schumer began by thanking the magazine for “calling me a woman,” and emphasized how important it was that “finally we are celebrating men!”

The recently published author, whose collected memoirs, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, have already become a #1 New York Times bestseller, was quite candid in the rest of her acceptance speech. “Next year, it’s not going to go as well for me, and I won’t be at places like this, and I’ll feel forgotten,” she said.”

She remained enterprising as always, continuing: “I hope you guys will go to my website and look at my merchandise. I have t-shirts, and a sweatshirt – but the zipper breaks.”

Schumer wrapped up the speech by sharing some of her fondest memories of her trip to the UK. “Patrick Stewart has come all over my tits. More times than even he remembers,” she said. “Michael Caine, don’t look away. Look at me, sir.”

Elaborating on the experience, she explained: “You have to make a shelf so [the semen] doesn’t fall. It’s the saddest shelf in the world. I just went to the Anne Frank house, and I can still say it’s the saddest shelf in the world.”

Watch the full speech below.

The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo is now available on Amazon.

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