TALE Podast: Behind the Storytelling with Kelli Dunham & Christine Gentry


The TALE is a NYC storytelling show.

Podcasts are like radio – except over the Internet and no one gets paid.

TALE Podcast is like VH1’s Behind The Music, but without guitars (or drums for that matter) – and very much so with storytelling. Basically, cohost Alex Schmidt and myself dig deeper into storytellers’ tales to find out more.

Storytelling shows are huge in New York City. To update, storytelling is the new Pilates, which is the new selfie, which is the new non-racist tweet. It’s just that popular.

TALE podcast brings you the best storytellers in NYC with cred built from places like NPR, Comedy Central, McSweeney’s, Vice, The Nation, and HBO.

This week’s stories and guest:
Kelli Dunham is everyone’s favorite ex-nun, genderqueer, nerd comic (she talks more about that combination), and the author of numerous books.

Christine Gentry’s work has been published in Word Riot, Flashquake, and Printer’s Devil Review magazines, and her oral stories have been featured on the Story Collider, RISK, and This American Life podcasts.

Alex and I find out more with what’s behind the stories.

Listen here:

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