BlackBook Premiere: Visceral New Kid Moxie Single + Video ‘Better Than Electric’

Above image by Neil Krsyszak

When we last heard from LA-by-way-of-Athens songstress Elena Charbila this past March, her musical alter ego Kid Moxie was making our third wave COVID lockdown just that much more bearable with a thrilling new Dave Aude remix of her cover of the Alphaville synth classic ‘Big in Japan.’ It actually made us get up and dance like mad, something we hadn’t done with that much enthusiasm during the entire year previous.

But it turns out she was keeping very busy during those long quarantine periods. And the result of that will be her fifth full length album, due out in early 2022, and sounding for everything like it will decisively alter the trajectory of her career. In the lead up, she today releases ‘Better Than Electric,’ a stunning new single + video that also happens to be the album’s title track – and BlackBook is thrilled to be premiering it here.

The song itself came about as a virtual exchange of music and lyrics with British electronic producer Maps (James Chapman) – and he ultimately ended up as co-writer, producer and “ethereal” backing vocalist. Musically, Charbila explains that it’s meant as something of a sonic representation of the Downtown Los Angeles nighttime skyline; and her penchant for creating vividly cinematic soundscapes – she also writes music for television shows and video games – here results in a breathtaking melancholy opulence.

The lyrics, about a distance that is keeping two lovers apart, are fittingly shot full of longing and emotional fervor.

“Tonight this city breathes with me she makes me dream big / And you, you glow in the dark but you’re so far / Leave a light on to bring me back home / You and I, are better than electric, wait for me”

“This is one of the most honest and personal songs I have ever written,” she confesses, “a love song about being in a long distance relationship and wanting to keep the connection alive. The title symbolizes the intensity of emotion for someone you don’t even see. Electricity – whether real or metaphorical – is a powerful force, one that can be felt more than seen.”

The video, featuring Russian dancer Olka Sokolova (who has even performed for the Dalai Lama), is like a burning visual representation of that electricity, depicting a bridled desire that is yet unable to be fully realized.

“In the video, two women become one after leaving their mark on one another,” Charbila explains. “Is it a connection between two humans or a human and an alien woman? I still can’t decide and I don’t think it matters, because the connection is very real. A lot of the movements and moments between us were improvised on set and I think that’s why it feels so authentic when you watch it.”

Apparently, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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