BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: The Stunning New Rachael Sage Single ‘Bravery’s On Fire’ is a Poignant Meditation on Struggling Through Tragedy

Photo by Shervin Lainez


The thing about art…it has a way of expressing what we often find ourselves so unable to express – especially in times of real tragedy and sorrow. And adversity (war, illness, natural disasters) does have a way binding us together more viscerally than we may have ever thought possible.

Singer Rachael Sage was diagnosed with endometrial (uterine) cancer in 2018, and fought a battle that she seems to have won – the disease having now gone into complete remission. But perhaps as importantly, for herself and for all those fighting that same fight, she has put the experience into words that capture all the pain, confusion and heroism of the struggle so beautifully and poignantly. Indeed, her absolutely shiver-inducing new single “Bravery’s on Fire” (which BlackBook premieres here) is a remarkably open and unflinching account of what she went through emotionally, and is sure to act as inspiration to so many others going through the same.



“I went on a very internal journey to summon strength I never knew I had,” she reveals. “The song is about finding the courage to admit one’s own vulnerability and fragility – which can be very challenging for anyone, let alone a performer, to embrace.”

Of course, along with such an event come all the usual exhortations on never taking life for granted – but it is absolutely something we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

“It is an indescribable privilege to wake up every morning and decide what to do with my day,” she explains. “And having come through such an unexpectedly dark time, I’ve certainly heard the wakeup call to be as appreciative and present as possible in my own life.”

The single will be available on all online platforms on October 4, with 100% of the proceeds going to Women’s Cancer Research (during Cancer Awareness Month). 

Rachael Sage is currently on tour, and will play Rockwood Music Hall in New York on February 16.


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