BlackBook Premiere: Ready Steady Die!’s Haunting New ‘Deep’ Video




The progeny of the famous can be a dissolute lot, always trying to match the achievements of those who brought them into this world. Certainly, there are exceptions—but for every Miley Cyrus and Jaden Smith there are ten Weston Cages, alas.

But having grown up in a house full of platinum records and Grammy awards, Morgan Visconti has talent that can truly stand on its own. Proof: his recently unveiled new project, the intriguingly named Ready, Steady, Die!

Of course, father Tony‘s 50+ year career helped birth pretty much all the good Bowie albums, while also inventing T Rex, and sonically imprinting on records by Paul McCartney, The Stranglers, Perry Farrell, Morrissey…the list takes up almost two Wikipedia pages. But Visconti Jr’s career as a successful composer, session musician, and video producer has spanned over two decades…and in 2001 he co-founded the record label arm of the creative agency Human. Ready, Steady, Die! is his electronic collaboration with singer/instrumentalist Sam K, and perhaps a chance to deal with some of his demons.

Dark and tribal, they stagger a course well-strewn with seeming references to The Knife, Garbage, and even Heart, with K’s sturdy voice cutting through the aural atmospherics with sureness and confidence.



“Deep” is the latest single from their early 2020 album Pleasure Ride, and BlackBook here premieres the accompanying video. The song itself is a spooky rumination on the self that explodes with the heaviest of choruses, and seems prepped to appear on the soundtrack to some future Batman film. The ominous clip is a cinematic masterpiece of absorbing tricks and fantasies composed with CGI, photo scans, and infinite zooms (you’ll know it when you see it).

Sam K recalls, “Morgan spent every day for two months right after lockdown taking a morning stroll up the same road, and would stop to take 3D scans of tree hollows. It became an obsession. There was no real filming involved, only tons of photographs taken on a Nikon DSLR or iPhone made into 3D in various ways.”

Oh yeah, we didn’t mention the swarms of insects, spooky humanoids, and geysers of blood—the perfect visual accompaniment to our current apocalyptic reality.

“We initially had reservations about releasing such dark material in such dark times,” she continues, “but we thought, fuck it, this is who we are, and this is what we’re feeling. The news is truly horrifying, and we’ll never be able to compete with that.”

Happy Monday.


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