BlackBook Premiere: Kandle’s New 007 Inspired Single + Video ‘Lock & Load’

It might just have been the epitome of bad timing, having a new James Bond movie slated for release a month into the pandemic lockdowns, and sporting the title (erm…) No Time To Die. But now while we wait for the rescheduled film to at last hit the theaters sometime in early 2021, we’ll take a bit of 007 (like this past weekend’s Sotheby’s auction) wherever we can get it.

And so it is that BlackBook enthusiastically premieres here the effortlessly sexy, Bond-inspired new single + video ‘Lock & Load’ by Montreal songstress Kandle.

It opens appropriately with a very ’60s sounding tremeloed guitar, and the familiar Bond-theme orchestral swell, albeit a synthesized one, before Kandle (as Pandora Lightly) launches into her best Shirley Bassey. And in a sensually trembling voice, she begins a dramatic tale of heartbreak, “Drinking warm red wine / It’s all you left behind / I savor every sip / Like poison to my lips.”

The video is a sensual visual pastiche of so many Bond scenographic tropes.

It’s taken from her upcoming and as-yet-untitled new album, which is scheduled for a March 2021 release. In the meantime, we chatted with her about our shared love of the world’s greatest ever MI6 agent.

Did you grow up watching Bond films?

Absolutely! My dad showed me Dr. No when I was about seven and I was immediately mesmerized. Suckered in by the soundtrack and the perfectly twanged guitar that now defines the sound of espionage, a glistening Honey Ryder emerging from the turquoise sea, the strange and eccentric villainy of Julius No—the debonair, tongue in cheek world of Bond was burned into my brain. 

Who is your all time favorite 007?

While I will always consider Sean Connery to be the most timeless and classic Bond, I must say Daniel Craig and the era that followed has become my favorite. He brings a brutality to the character that was previously missing, while being more nuanced and emotional; and I enjoy this darker and more complex iteration of Bond. This is true for the female characters as well, and it’s great to see the franchise successfully transition out of an outdated approach to the women of Bond, incorporating feminine strength, character growth and vulnerability.

And your favorite Bond film?

Casino Royale! This film was the tone shift in the Bond cinematic universe. But while there’s a lot to love about this movie, I think Vesper stole our hearts as she did James’. Eva Green’s seductive, dark and quietly devastating performance really helped layer this film with an emotional backbone which rippled through Bond movies to come.

What sort of “Bondness” were you trying to capture with “Lock & Load”?

I wanted to write from the perspective of an enemy Bond girl. These women are strong and feminine, and are almost always in trouble. One who trusts the villain, only to end up betrayed, or worse. A relatable metaphor for many, I’m sure. Musically, my producer Michael and I wanted to capture the classic Bond theme tone, whilst channeling a Shirley Bassey-esque vocal, commanding the orchestra with heart wrenching vibrato that requires a daring and grandiose approach that you have to attack unapologetically, making those intimate moments all the more vulnerable.

What do you think was the best Bond theme song ever?

‘Goldfinger’—closely followed by ‘You Only Live Twice.’

N.B. – This Friday, November 13, Kandle will host a virtual cocktail party at, at 8pm EST, with special guests producer Michael Rendall and director Brandon William Fletcher.

Image by Jeffrey Mitchell

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