BlackBook Premiere: Haunting New Salt Cathedral Video For ‘A Second Chance’ *isolation mix*

Image by Erica Snyder

We’ve not been shy about proclaiming our love for NYC-by-way-of-Bogota duo Salt Cathedral, most recently taking a musical trip to Paris with them, just before the March lockdowns.

Nine months later, instead of touching down on the runway at Charles de Gaulle, we’re all waiting out the strict EU travel restrictions—as well as, in many cases, dealing with the crushing solitude that has accompanied the coronavirus quarantines. So no surprise, BlackBook is now premiering their new video for ‘A Second Chance’ *isolation mix*, which pretty much give away its intentions right there in the title.

The new track is actually a reworking of one of the songs from their debut album Carisma, which was released this past May via Ultra.

In the clip we see singer Juli (no last name, like Madonna) as a lone, shadowy figure, lit enigmatically from behind, and twirling amidst a lonely but prettily pink collection of carnations in glass vases. She poignantly intones a tale of loneliness and heartbreak over a galloping but jittery beat:

“Give me a second chance
A second chance
That’s all
And I’ll, I’ll sing you in the morning
And I will put you to bed at night”

The video, hauntingly shot by Jesse Bronstein, also marks Juli’s directorial debut—and it was an appropriately visceral experience for her.

“Writing this song was very emotional for me,” she confesses, “to the point I would choke while writing it—acknowledging failure and pleading for a second chance…from others, but really from myself, to be able to keep making my art in its purest form. I wanted to create a visual that was equally emotional and that metaphorically showed this almost awkward, almost beautiful intimate process of building, creation, entanglement and protection.”

Expect to hear more soon from her and Salt Cathedral accomplice Nico, as they have been turning out new versions of the songs from Carisma, while we all wait out some manner of return to…normal.

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