BlackBook Premiere: Geneva Jacuzzi’s Extravagant Remix of Patriarchy’s ‘I Don’t Want to Die’

Since absolute lunacy seems to be where we are going as a country, it seems only reasonable to turn to those LA mothers of madness + mayhem + gothiness, Patriarchy. And their single ‘I Don’t Want to Die’ does seem to contain the lyrical seeds of our possible enlightenment, as social media begins to completely devour our existence.

Uh huh.

The debauched duo have now just teamed up with Geneva Jacuzzi for an opulent, pulsing-synth new remix of the track – which BlackBook excitedly premieres here. The accompanying video, complete with Raggedy Ann Dolls, depicts the sort of wild party we were definitely planning to throw once this terrible pandemic is finally behind us. (The song is taken from their upcoming remix EP Reverse Circumcision – out January 29 – featuring Nitzer Ebb, ADULT. and Light Asylum.)

But considering the seriousness of the current state of affairs, we wisely engaged Patriarchy’s Actually Huizenga for a deeper dive.

(Addendum: Geneva Jacuzzi’s 2010 debut Lamaze will be reissued by Mexican Summer on February 26. Check out the Travis Peterson directed video for ‘Love Caboose’.)

What are you trying to tell us with ‘I Don’t Want to Die’?

I am an artist and believe in making one’s own fantasy reality. But I do not condone the slavish addictive stimulation of our beloved social media – which has aided in the creation of a situation where people just go with what feels “true,” without listening, researching or even wanting to acknowledge the real-life actions happening outside. I mean, you shouldn’t be going outside much anyways, let alone without a mask – but you can get information from places not owned by billionaire companies. You can try to read or watch something from a non-American journalist…anything! But turn off your notifications first.

So you are skeptical of the prevailing social media platforms?

They belong to someone else and they are making money off of you! These people make it quite clear that they use you, and yet even I forget that this place, beneath my swiping fingertips, is not my home, is not my lover, not even my fuck buddy. I once thought that I was using it to promote my work. But when I realized it was always using me…well, I still kept checking my updates.

Tell us about making the video.

Don’t worry, we were all tested before and after the filming! The video was constructed from two live performances from my Bottom Of the Pops show, which aired live through on December 10th. I invited Geneva (Jacuzzi) as the main guest for the live recording. The other featured artists were pre-interviewed over Zoom with a five minute sand timer blasting into flames mid-sentence when time was up. In order to get the extra Geneva footage to edit into this video I made sure to secure two hours of pre-filming while the live team was setting up.

The lyrics to ‘I Don’t Want to Die’ seem to be synching up with our current…situation.

I suppose that the lyrics of ‘I Don’t Want to Die’ can relate to the trouble that our Democracy faces at this moment. Also, the colors of the video are entirely red, white and blue! Plus, my snake’s name is Socratina Jefferson! The song is about pages turning, slaves being sold, histories being told and forgotten, tyrants crying, temple walls crumbling, pagan symbols being swapped into more powerful institutions… It is also more simple in the realization of the narrow divide between the extreme opposites of existence. I don’t mean partisanship or whitewashed hashtag groups; I mean the nonexistent divide between life and death, darkness and light, everything and nothing. We must realize that we know nothing, but in that realization, somehow attempt to understand that everything is there, waiting and ready to be known.

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