BlackBook Midnight Screening: Captivating New Revenge Wife Video For ‘Earthquake’

Elizabeth Nistico is a genuine creative force, co-founder of LA indie darlings HOLYCHILD, and also a multimedia artist with more than 40 videos to her directorial credit (including one for famous pal Kate Nash). Her work is even featured in New York’s exalted temple of modernism, MoMA. But even all that was apparently not enough, as she has just debuted the rather ominous sounding Revenge Wife – technically a solo venture, and a very deeply personal one.

Indeed, the project is intended as something of a self-examination / catharsis, as she digs deep into her wounded psyche for the answers that could hopefully lead her to some sense of permanent closure. And the first step on that existential journey is the new single ‘Earthquake,’ with its heartfelt query, “If there was an earthquake, would you think about me?” (We would.)

The song’s chorus, in fact, is a soul-baring plea for understanding – set against a lush, dreamy, but piercingly melancholy synth-pop backdrop. Musically, it alternately recalls Ladytron and early New Order, while Nistico’s voice sounds wistful, and rife with longing.

“You’re the only one I want / but you won’t have me / How is that I can never make you happy / Every little word I said I always meant it / Wish you loved me…” 

“I actually came up with the chorus melody when I was by myself, walking around Highland Park (Los Angeles),” she recalls. “It’s an earnest song about unrequited love…which is a nice way of saying ‘rejection.’ It’s about loving someone who doesn’t love you back.”  

The accompanying and self-directed video, which BlackBook premieres here, finds her and her real life significant other traversing the American Midwest and West, ending up with a spontaneous, gorgeously shot travelogue of sorts. It’s playful and plaintive in (almost) equal measure.

“We shot so much footage on our iPhones while we were driving through Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming,” Ms. Nistico recalls. “The difficult part wasn’t setting up the composition of the shots, but telling this story I had in my head. It was just us and our iPhones on the road…rogue shooting in nature, nervous that a Trump-supporting-land-owner might kick us out – which actually happened once.”

It’s intended as the first in a series of videos which will act as visual companions to the songs on the inaugural Revenge Wife EP, which will be provocatively titled Background Songs for Your Boring Life, Part I. It’s promised to be “a collection of sad girl, lo-fi horror pop that’s inspired by dreams, mystical experiences, and a lot of self-reflection.”

Which sounds just about right for these considerably uncertain times.

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