BlackBook (er…) Welsh Premiere: Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Glam it Up in New ‘Late Night City’ Video



Despite being surrounded on all sides by the most fertile breeding ground for rock & roll ever, Wales has a deplorably rotten track record when it comes to keeping up with the Glaswegians, Dubliners, Mancs…you get it. Badfinger, Super Furry Animals and Manic Street Preachers aside, the words “Welsh” and “rockers” come together about as frequently as coherent sentences are spoken by that bloke in the White House.

That’s why we’re particularly psyched to have discovered Cardiff’s own Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard last year, a quartet (and 2019 Guardian Best New Artist pick) who have no problem cranking the SG’s to 11 and letting fly with a saucy dose of ’70s inspired mayhem. Their latest single, “Late Night City,” of which we’re premiering the video for here, is a T-Rex flavored stomper that singer/guitarist Tom Rees told NME is their “best song to date.”

After having The Non-Stop EP on, well, non-stop repeat (we mistook the title for an instruction), we connected for a quick chat with Rees to explore just what it all means…but we’ll ultimately let you decide.



Tell us the inspiration for “Late Night City”

I wrote it whilst working as a sound engineer in this dive bar in Cardiff. The city is quite famously known for the level of debauchery that it unleashes on a Friday and Saturday night—the scenes can be likened to a Renaissance painting in many ways…

We’re picturing that…

…and whilst observing the hedonism and Satanism and heroism, I wondered how people justify late night behavior; after about ten minutes I decided—I’ve made my mind up, don’t try and change it—that it was by submitting themselves to daily subservience at the hands of bosses or partners or whatever you like. And the song is just an exploration of that idea, and whether one really does justify the other. In actual fact, I just wanted to rip off “Born on the Bayou” by Creedence.

How have you been dealing with and/or surviving quarantine?

We’re very lucky and have our own studio in Cardiff, so we’ve been able to keep working on new music. We’ve been writing and recording for the past couple of months, which has been a pleasant tilt of the scales in the opposite direction, from its previous place at “the world is fucking doomed and we’re all going to perish in this godless wasteland.”

Not that we’re necessarily advocating it, considering our current political climate…but have you ever been to or played the States?

We haven’t toured the US, but honestly I want to be there as soon as we can. It’s really strange, but I think a lot of Europe idolizes American pop culture, and I’m not exempt from that. The majority of my favorite musicians and bands, bar John Lennon, are American. And I’ve had such an affection for American music all my life that it only feels right that we get over the Pond and start rocking. So with that in mind, I think the first thing we’d do post COVID is get over to America.


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