A Loupe Art Guide to Bushwick Featuring Austin Phelps

Above image: Bushwick Collective 

If you were looking to the future of how we will ultimately come to interact with art in this digital century, the exhilarating new app Loupe would be a great place to start. Allowing essentially anyone to live with a thoughtfully curated “virtual gallery” (streaming on your phone, on your laptop, on your television screen…), it eliminates a significant layer of distance between the public and the sometimes “elite” world of art.

It has won celebrity fans – like Ronnie Vannucci of The Killers – but also attracted top artistic talent, including Brooklyn based photographer-painter Austin Phelps. In the first of a BlackBook-Loupe collaboration series, Phelps gives us a guide to the Bushwick neighborhood he calls home, revealing where the local creative community can most likely be found on any given day or night.


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“Living in New York City has been so influential to my art,” he enthuses. “From the fashion to the music to the melting pot of people, I am very grateful to have endless amounts of inspiration surround me. I’m a huge fan of color and showcasing a palette that the viewer may have not seen before – and am obsessed with Abstract Expressionism. My paintings are certainly influenced by de Kooning and Picasso.”

Here is his artistic guide to Bushwick.


Bushwick Collective

The Bushwick Collective is an outdoor street art gallery showcasing amazing graffiti and murals by artists from around the world. Located in the hub of Bushwick, it’s a great place to wander, see beautiful art and grab a drink.

Bushwick Open Studios

Started in 2006, Bushwick Open Studios is an annual art festival showcasing local artists and has become one of the largest outdoor art events in the world! An amazing experience to wander into the studios of so many talented artists, view film screenings and hear live music. A true celebration of all the arts.


Gorgeous restaurant and bar serving seasonal ingredients, craft beer and great cocktails. This space also has a small theater where they screen $3 movies for all of those film lovers. You can enjoy a delicious meal (smoked lamb ribs, bacon butter meatballs) while watching a classic movie.


Image courtesy of Bushwick Daily 


Everyone’s favorite dive bar, music venue and restaurant serving great burgers, fried chicken and pumpkin pie. Known for booking amazing local artists, DJs and musicians, it’s a great place to grab a bite and see an awesome show.

Bossa Nova Civic Club

This dark and foggy tropical techno bar is the best place to dance in Bushwick. Come here for the delicious cocktails and to dance your face off to local experimental DJs.


Image courtesy of Bushwick Daily 

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