17 Memorable Roles from 2017 Oscar Nominees

Awards season is the most beloved time of year for the true pop culture junkie. With a new slate of works rolling around, we look back at the best and worst of the year and give them their proper due. Another exemplary lineup of actors and actresses reach for gold with their latest roles.

But let’s not forget the other notable mentions from their careers. From cult classics to critically-acclaimed masterpieces, this year’s nominees have a roster of titles worth adding to your queue. Check out their breakout roles below:

Meryl Streep in Manhattan
Nomination: Best Actress, Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl Streep

Woody Allen was the first of many to find a muse in Meryl.

Casey Affleck in 200 Cigarettes
Nomination: Best Actor, Manchester by the Sea

200 CIGARETTES, Christina Ricci, Gaby Hoffman, Casey Affleck, Guillermo Diaz, 1999

This ensemble comedy featured multiple big names of today.

Michelle Williams in Dick
Nomination: Best Supporting Actress, Manchester by the Sea

In The Columbia Pictures/Phoenix Pictures Presentation, "Dick," Patriotic Teens Betsy (Kirsten Dunst, Right) And Arlene (Michelle Williams) Get Decked Out In Some Funky Threads To Change The Course Of History - Even If They Are Flunking It In School. (Photo By Getty Images)

Only in the ’90s could you make a successful teen comedy in which two high school girls turnout to be the Watergate informant, “Deep Throat”.

Dev Patel in Skins
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor, Lion

Dev Patel 2

Before his Slumdog Millionaire success, he was an angsty teen in this British classic.

Natalie Portman in The Professional
Nomination: Best Actress, Jackie

Natalie Portman

This America’s sweetheart got her start as a gun-toting preteen avenging her family’s death with the help of a trained assassin.

Ryan Gosling in Murder by Numbers
Nomination: Best Actor, La La Land

Ryan Gosling

Everyone’s favorite heartthrob played a psychotic teenage killer alongside Michael Pitt and Sandra Bullock. Then he dated Bullock for a hot minute.

Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder
Nomination: Best Supporting Actress, Lion

Nicole Kidman

Never forget that she met now ex-husband, Tom Cruise on the set of a racecar drama.

Jeff Bridges in The Last Picture Show
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor, Hell or High Water

Jeff Bridges

Before Tron, he starred in this critically-acclaimed classic about the end of an era.

Ruth Negga in Breakfast on Pluto
Nomination: Best Actress, Loving

Prod DB © Pathe Pictures / DR BREAKFAST ON PLUTO (BREAKFAST ON PLUTO) de Neil Jordan 2005 IRL / GB avec Ruth Negga et Cillian Murphy travesti, homosexuel, gay, couple, hippie d'apres le roman de Pat McCabe

Kitten was incomplete without Charlie in this queer classic.

Andrew Garfield in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Nomination: Best Actor, Hacksaw Ridge

Andrew Garfield

While we were grieving the loss of Heath Ledger in this film, we were introduced to Andrew Garfield.

Octavia Spencer in The Help
Nomination: Best Supporting Actress, Hidden Figures

Octavia Spencer

Minny don’t burn chicken.

Lucas Hedges in Moonrise Kingdom
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor, Manchester by the Sea

Lucas Hedges

If you stand out in a Wes Anderson film, your career is basically limitless.

Denzel Washington in Philadelphia
Nomination: Best Actor, Fences

Denzel Washington

During a pivotal time for HIV/AIDS, Denzel Washington played Joe Miller, the only lawyer willing to help a man who was fired for having the virus.

Viola Davis in Doubt
Nomination: Best Supporting Actress, Fences

Viola Davis

Remember when Viola Davis had one scene in this movie and nabbed an Oscar nom?

Michael Shannon in Cecil B. Demented
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor, Nocturnal Animals

Michael Shannon

He’s Petie, your driver.

Mahershala Ali in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor, Moonlight

Mahershala Ali 2

Remember when he played Brad Pitt’s dad?

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