What’s in Your Bag: Mango, Mandals, & Maxi-Dresses

What better way to use the only sunny day of the week than to make our legion of snobbishly fashionable fashion interns take to the streets in their eight-plus platforms and play fashion detective? Armed with only a camera and an arsenal of questions, the fearsome three — Lindsay, Laura, and Justine — did their finest Anne Hathaway impressions and scouted the city’s most sartorially delicious in their favorite retail playgrounds. Initially, they aimed to sneak up on their YSL-clad boutique-bag-bearing victims and demand to know what, exactly, they had just splurged on. But considering the current dime crunch, it ended up being an ambush of attitudes, BlackBook style. Take it away, ladies!


Their first stop was SoHo, where they ran into Zoe and Younji, two platinum card-carrying shopping warriors.

Where are you from? Zoe: Orange County, California.

What do you do? Z: Art student at Otis College of Art and Design in LA. Younji: Student at Cyprus College.

Favorite trend of the moment? Z: Floral prints and electric bling. Y: Bohemian.

Least favorite? Z: White t-shirts and classics. Y: Classics too.

Favorite nightlife venue Z: Circle in Koreatown.

Last thing you bought Z: Shoes from Topshop. Y: Dress from Mango.


No sooner had our interns traded cards with Zoe and Younji than they ran into the exuberant Will, who was beaming from ear to ear about his recent mandals purchase.

Where are you from? Pittsburgh.

What do you do? Student at NYU.

Favorite trend? Men’s gladiator sandals.

Least favorite? Women’s gladiator sandals.

Favorite venue in the city Greenhouse.

Last thing you boughtOpening Ceremony.


Too cool for school Parker and River didn’t want to leave the comfort of their SoHo doorway, but they were kind enough to share a few fashion insights with us.

Where are you from? Parker: LA. River: LA.

What do you do? P: Artist. R: Hair stylist.

Favorite trend? P: Short shorts. R: Sequins.

Least favorite? P: Naked large people. R: Leggings.

Favorite venue in the city? P: Fat Hippo. R: Fat Hippo.

Last thing you bought? P: These sunglasses. R: These jeans.


Before they knew this gorgeous hipster princess’ name was actually Charlotte Suter, the girls thought they had a lucky Nolita run-in with Kate Bosworth.

Where are you from? Amagansett, New York.

What do you do? Singer.

Favorite trend? Shoulder pads.

Least favorite? Capri pants.

Favorite venue in the city? Pianos.

Last thing you bought These sunglasses.


Judging from their ensembles, our last duo could’ve been uberstylists, but who could have known they were the owners of LES haunt Home Sweet Home?

Where are you from? Kristin: LA. Nadia: New York.

What do you do?K: Nadia and I own Home Sweet Home.

Favorite trend? K: Boat shoes. N: Open-toe boots.

Least favorite? K: House shoes. N: Maxi-dresses.

Favorite venue in the city? K: Home Sweet Home. (duh!) N: Home Sweet Home (double duh!) and any place with tequila.

Last thing you bought K: This gray dress I’m wearing as a top. N: This Rag & Bone jacket.

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