Welcome To Facebook Town!

Let’s face it, Facebook pretty much owns us. In a cunning scheme – and the greatest market research project ever – that crafty Mark Zuckerberg has amassed all our personal information (we gave it up voluntarily) and has enough blackmail photos of all us to guarantee that any attempt at running for public office would be immediately squashed. The best way for Big Brother to keep tabs on us is to have each one of become Big Brother.

Facebook announced this week that it is working with a local developer to build a $120 million, 394-unit housing community within walking distance of their Menlo Park campus. Welcome to Facebook town! The 630,000 square-foot rental complex will include everything from a sports bar to a doggy day care. (But will WiFi be free?) When I lived in San Francisco, the Facebook bus would pick up FB employees right down the street – to cart them off to Silicon Valley for the day like little tech-geek school kids; a genius move by Zuckerberg because it squeezes an extra two work hours out of his staff.

Here’s the company Kool Aid press statement: 

"We’re certainly excited to have more housing options closer to campus, but we believe that people work at Facebook because what they do is rewarding and they believe in our mission."  

The real estate move is a cross between a turn-of-the-century company town and backwoods, incestious inbreeding – where employees are forced to mingle, socialize, and live amongst each other in a 24/7 Facebook wonderland. (Will Zuckerberg’s employees "like" living there?)  


Some info on company towns:

-Celebration, Florida is a simulated small town USA built by The Walt Disney corporation near Disneyland. All hail Mickey Mouse! 

-There was once more than 2,500 company towns, housing 3% of the US population.

-Traditional settings for company towns were for the coal, metal mines, and lumber industries. 

-The Ron Howard movie, Gung Ho, is about a company town. A Japanese car company buys an American plant. Hilarity ensues. 

-My Space is considering building a company town, but much like its site the establishment would be inhabited by no one.



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