Two Nights with Kayvon and Anna: The Best Halloween Party

Nightlife is a dude-dominated business. Sure there’s Amy Sacco, Jayma Cardoso, Susanne Bartsch, but I’d be hard pressed to use all my fingers and toes in the count. I’m not talking barkeeps and waitrons or hostesses. I’m talking meat and potato management gigs. This will Shirley change – er, surely change – especially when Hillary takes office. Today I’m talking to a woman behind a man who is storming the city with a new type of party that reminds me of the old days more than any other. Kayvon Zand’s Dorian Gray is the absolute best party. I’ve told you this but sometimes you don’t listen. Tonight and tomorrow he will define Halloween at Bowery Electric. There’s too much going on to list so just go here for info.

Anyway, the woman behind the man with his name on the flier is Anna Evans. She is completely incredible. She does the hardest thing you can do at a party she is so involved with producing: she makes it look easy. There’s nothing worse than seeing production/management types running around like chickens without heads trying to make things right. Staying cool and letting the chaos of the night play out is a gift that’s hard to teach. I asked her about her role in the best party in town and her mate Kayvon the Unstoppable.

The party just moved and is a hit at the Bowery Electric. Can you describe the crowd?

The Dorian Gray crowd is made up of progressive, sexy, open-minded individuals from all walks of life. I’ve met everyone from lawyers and scientific journalists to go-go girls and dominatrixes. They wear everything the major fashion labels will rip off for their shows next season, like latex, leather, lace, structural garments. Some people show up naked, some people show up covered from scalp to sole including facemasks. The unifying factor is that everyone loves the music, everyone dances till closing!

As this event grows the crowd will be pulled from a cross section of New Yorkers a bit apart from Kayvon’s core crowd. Is this a good thing or worrisome?

I think it’s great. More people should be pulling towards this party because it’s unique and awesome! The fewer people are heading to top 40, fist pumping, boring parties, the faster NYC will start to experience the sort of cultural revolution the enlightened Dorian Gray kids already live every day. If a movement isn’t growing, it dies out, and Kayvon is certainly leading a movement, here.

Are you the woman behind the man? And what is a Kayvon/Anna day like?

Kayvon is certainly a self-made man, but at the same time, no man is an island. I know how vital a strong support system is to an artist, and I do my best to be Super Woman and do absolutely everything. I rarely live up to my own expectations, but that only makes me work that much harder.

A day in the life of the Zands involves a lot of taking care of the “Zand zoo”-two Pomeranians, one Yorkie, one Persian cat, two white doves, and a 75-gallon marine tank. I spend so much time cleaning up after pets in expensive heels. It is a running joke. We spend a lot of time working together on the behind the scenes of Dorian Gray; I draft the biweekly newsletter, Kayvon does a lot of the Facebook promotion, and we both attend meetings. Most days, I have a burlesque performance to go to, while Kayvon records music, or composes classically inspired pieces on the piano, and cooks dinner. We like to catch up on our shows, such as Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black, and I usually fall asleep reading. I’m a total bookworm; I read several books every week!




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