The Beginner’s Guide To Adding Art To Your Home


Deciding the theme of the decor of your house is an uphill task in itself. Many people get intimidated by the thought of choosing the decoration for their home primarily because they think it is an expensive scheme of affairs and also because they believe that their choice might not fit well with the surroundings of their home. Having said that, many people are always in search of decor items that can enhance the overall look and vibe of their home.

When talking about decor items, the most important and the most popular choice among the homemakers is of selecting suitable art pieces so that they can go well with the spaces in the house and enhance their beauty.

For those who are not inclined towards art, this whole process of choosing a suitable painting or art piece and then accommodating it in the house so that it makes it look better by complementing it also a difficult task.

Therefore, in this article, let us take a look at the steps that you need to follow so that you can choose the best art forms, so that goes very well with the theme of your house.

Color coordination

The colors that you choose for the walls of your house are an essential aspect of the planning of the decor of the house. It would be best if you did not go in with the boring idea of having the same color in the entire house. You should be aware that colors speak about the mood of the place and will add more to the vibe of the house. Therefore, you should select colors intelligently so that they can complement the atmosphere of the house.

For implementing this, you can go in for ideas such as choosing more vibrant colors for the walls of the living room where you are willing to welcome the guests with warmth into your house. You can choose yellow as a safe and trusted choice for the color of the walls of the living room. As far as other rooms such as the bedroom are concerned, you should go in for decent and less radiant colors like white or grey to have a peaceful vibe.

Hang paintings as low as possible

The choice of artwork that you are willing to put up on the walls of your house can vary according to your choice and personality, but the principle of putting up these paintings on the walls remains the same, and the most effective one is that you hang these paintings as low as possible on the walls.

This is because when the artwork is hanging more closer to the people and lower on the walls, then it is more visible, and people are more attracted to see it than in any other case. Many people say that having the artwork hung up on the wall closer to yourself creates intimacy for the whole decor of the room, which serves the purpose of creating a lively vibe in the room.

Go for contrasts

While choosing the artwork that you want to portray in the rooms of your house, you should go in for the principle of having contrasts. By contrast, we mean that the color of the wall that you have chosen and the colors that are used in the painting should be such that contrast or a striking difference is present between them. When you do so, then both the wall and painting become more attractive and draw the attention of the people in an instant.

Photo collages

Choosing themes for the decors in the modern era is more about making them personalized and catering to the individual in particular. Therefore, personalizing the selection of art for the walls of the house means that you can go in for photo collages that are ensembles and montages of the moments that you have shared with your family in pictures.


You can either take a photo collage by yourself or can choose the pictures that you want to be a part of the college and make use of online platforms that can combine them to make a photo collage. A popular website offering the service is CanvasPop, where you can assemble all the desirable photos into a single photo collage easily. The CanvasPop photo collage will be a great addition to your house.


In cases where budget is a constraint, but you are willing to put up artwork on the walls of your house, then you must make a conscious decision where you should decide the places where you should hang these paintings. The decision must be based on the fact that the painting should be hung up on the wall, which is the most visible to the people who are visiting your house.

For example, there is no point in hanging more paintings inside your bedroom because fewer people will be visiting that room. Instead, you should go in for more paintings in your living room.

All in all

There is no need to get intimidated by the desire of having artwork become a part of the decor of your house. When you choose the right form of artwork for your house, it will serve as a great representation of your emotions and memories. It is just that smart decisions have to be taken so that you can inculcate the best art forms that go well with the interiors of your house.

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