Resident Remix: Blair and Reed Van Nort

Blair and Reed Van Nort are two DJs that know music—not because they have encyclopedic vinyl collections, or because they spend their waking hours scouring music blogs for the latest tracks. They know music because they play it. The brothers started their Solid Gold Saturday night parties at the Lower East Side drinking den Home Sweet Home as a way to promote their rock act The Young Lords. After a successful run playing in venues around New York, the five-piece has since disbanded, but their weekend parties live on. They’ve recently gone back to the studio with their new outfit called The Rassle, and even though it’s got them working overtime, their weekly rager shows no signs of dying down.

How did you get into DJing? We felt like New York was pretty boring when we started this party. We were tired of going to pretentious parties with guest lists and bad music. So we started this party for fun. There’s intentionally none a that hairstyles and attitudes BS you get most places on the weekend. When we started we didn’t really know what we were doing though. We thought people would enjoy two-hour rock blocks of ZZ Top. That didn’t last long.

What’s your favorite part about DJing? People cheering when a song comes on is always gratifying.

What’s the most annoying part of Djing? Knowing where we’re going to be every Saturday night gets to be a drag.

What’s the difference between a DJ and a song selector? A DJ has a little more ESP action going on with the dance party than the song selectors at weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Who are you influenced by? Radio Raheem

What is your favorite night to go out in New York and why? We don’t get out and party much. Most other nights we are rehearsing and recording with our band The Rassle.

What does every good DJ need to have? Headphones and a sense of humor.

What differentiates your residency from all the other parties in NYC? More people get laid at/or after they leave our party than other places on a Saturday night.

What’s the greatest compliment you’ve ever received as a DJ? We played Mambo No. 5 a couple weeks ago and had a congo line of like 15 kids form and snake around the bar. That was pretty hilarious.

Is Djing a talent or is it something that can be learned? Djing is a lot easier than that game DJ Hero. We can tell you that much.

What’s your ‘sound’ like? What are some of your favorite genres or songs to play? We play lots of stuff all over the map; we don’t discriminate. Everything from Ace of Base to Young MC, Biggie to UB40, Prince to Kings of Leon. We’ve probably played Frankie Valli’s “Oh, What a Night” every Saturday for two years and never get tired of it.

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