NEWS BITES: Drug Deals, Christie, & Target

NJ Residents File Lawsuit Against Douche Bag Christie

This whole bridge-closing snafu makes Anthony Weiner texting photos of his dong look like child’s play.

Who Gets Ripped Off In Drug Deals

Don’t let this happen to you…

FBI Sent To Secure Sochi

The bureau is dispatching several dozen agents to Russia to help tighten security at the Winter Olympics. Why? Just this week, booby-trapped cars with dead bodies were found near the site of the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Obama Vows to Revamp NSA

Next week, President Obama is expected to outline a proposal to reform the NSA’s civilian data collecting program. Victory to Snowden!

Google Let’s Strangers Email You

Nothing scary here: You’ll no longer need someone’s email address to message them; Google will soon allow you to simply type their name into the Gmail field. Stalkers unite!

50% of Congress Are Millionaires

Yes, the Washington fat cats eat swan while the majority of America basks on potatoes.

Target Hack Worse Than You Thought

Besides pin numbers, hackers also accessed names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses. At least the NSA wasn’t behind this.

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