Los Angeles: Top 10 Thanksgiving Eve Parties

Every year in Los Angeles, the night before Thanksgiving seems to come as a huge surprise — everyone remembers that it’s Wednesday, and tomorrow they’re blessedly free from going back to work. Bars and clubs across the city remember it too and treat this night like a hot Saturday in high season. It all comes together to make Thanksgiving Eve one of the most promising nights of the year to go out. Here’s our list of November 26th blowouts for your partying pleasure. 1. The Hideout Ah, glorious Los Angeles. Party on the beach in late November! Though usually Wednesdays at the Hideout are reserved for quiet chilling (and, earlier in the evening, a spot of speed-dating), this night will play host to resident DJs and, as past years indicate, an unusually packed dance floor. Not to worry; there’s breathing room on the beachside patio.

2. Chloe This new-ish Santa Monica bar is on the elegant side; people come here for schmancy small plates and complicated cocktails. But on the 26th, there will be a DJ and plenty of raucousness. Wear a dress — but one that can get spilled on.

3. Foxtail Celebrity (kind of) DJs StoneRokk and Kev E Kev are giving up their Wednesday residency at Hyde to come west to Foxtail, which is trying to switch from a restaurant to a club. There’s still food, though, so this is a good spot for those who need to line their stomachs. Whether or not there’s a cover seems up for debate, so best have your $20 just in case.

4. Hyde There’s no cover at this tiny, TMZ-tastic bar, but there will undoubtedly be a line. Good for people watching, bad for your dignity. Still, Graham Funke is DJing, so lovers of hip-hop may find the wait worthwhile.

5. Area This Hollywood club is all kinds of big and wild; it’s where the party people go to really get down. The 26th will see the rare, busy Wednesday, and promoters are confident enough of the crowd they’ll draw that they’re charging a $20 cover. We guess you can treat it like a one-night gym membership.

6. S Bar There’s a DJ and promises of Thanksgiving Eve rambunctiousness, but keep in mind that S Bar is really more of a “sitting around trying to look cool” kind of bar. There’s sure to be all manner of regular and seasonal specialty drinks on the liquids menu; order something autumnal to get into the spirit. Of the season and the dancing.

7. The Bar Most DJs stick to dancey Top 40 stuff, but that’s not really the MO at The Bar. They’ll be paying homage to their dirty roots by having Travis Keller man the decks, with music made more for rocking than dancing.

8. Akbar This could win an award for friendliest gay bar in the world. Seriously. If you’re without family for the holiday weekend, by the end of Wednesday night you’ll feel like you’ve made a new one. Everyone in the neighborhood knows to come here to preemptively work off the turkey calories.

9. Redwood Well, this should be an interesting mix of hard rockers and journalists. The Redwood is across from the Los Angeles Times building, so writers are a given. The music for the evening will be loud, loud, loud, so expect a lot of burly folks with tattoos. People drinking whiskey and talking about layoffs in one corner, headbangers in another.

10. Elevate The fact that this downtown rooftop club is even open on a Wednesday is proof of the power of Thanksgiving Eve. They’ll be opening their doors a night early to draw in the big spenders who want to dance. And if you’re looking for food, Takami on the other side of the roof has sushi. That’s pretty non-turkey.

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