Krokodil Cookhouse and Other Legal Highs

Time has a fascinating photo pictorial of the happenings inside a kokodil cookhouse. Are you familiar with krokodil? If not, it’s one of the most deadliest drugs on the planet (earth). This Russian, white trash, home-brewed concoction makes meth look like candyfloss. Krokodil it the fleshing-eating drug that literally turns drug addicts’ flesh into dark and scaly patches like a crocodile.

The crazy bit is, much like Crystal meth, krokodil can be created with a few key items found at Walmart—an addict can cook up krokodil using ingredients and tools bought from the local pharmacy and hardware store.


The active ingredient, codeine, is a mild opiate sold over the counter in many countries. Users mix codeine with a brew of poisons such as paint thinner, hydrochloric acid and red phosphorus scraped from the strike pads on matchboxes. The result—a murky yellow liquid with an acrid stink—mimics the effect of heroin at a fraction of the cost. In Europe, for example, a dose of krokodil costs just a few dollars, compared with about $20 for a hit of heroin.

The typical life span of an krokodil addict is just two or three years and the active ingredients in krokodil are completely legal, yet completely deadly. (Do you really want your finger to literally fall off!?) Put your krokodil aside; here are a few easier ways to get legally high:

1) NyQuilThe nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, help you to rest better medicine. An extra capful at bedtime will defiantly put you on “the nod”.  Expect intense, crazy dreams.

Drawbacks: Not good for those with heavy-machinery-operating aspirations.

2) No-DozThe other end of the spectrum. A perfect way to keep you going at that all-night club.  Diet Pills can also create this effect and help you keep that girlish figure.

Drawbacks: You’ll have the desire to drive a truck across country.

3)  Cough Syrup: Look for the ingredients “Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide”. It’s contained in almost all cough syrups. But remember, only drink pure cough syrup. Do not go for the one’s marked “Cough and Cold”, “Cough and Congested Chest” or “Cough, Cold and Congested Chest”. The desired effect will enable you to see the world through “dreamy” eyes.

Drawbacks: You’re drinking something that taste like Cough Syrup

4) Vick”s Nose SprayAn extra snort here-and-there will clear your entire head with a pleasing blast of menthol.

Drawbacks: You could end up with a “Monkey On Your Nose”.

5) Menthol Medicated Lip Balm-Doesn’t really create a buzzed-effect, but adds a nice, lingering tingly feeling to your lips. Good for kissing.

Drawbacks: Smooth, medicated lips.

6) Ear DropsUntested at this point in time, but seems interesting.

Drawbacks: Not sure at this point.  You could end up with a “Monkey In Your Ear”.

7) Whip CreamExcellent! No2-Laughing Gas effect when you suck out the air from the can.

Drawbacks:  It’s kind of lame to get high off of desert topping.

8) Our Lord Jesus Christ-: More addictive than heroin.

Drawback: Eternal damnation.

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