Industry Insiders: David Myers, Chef of Inspiration

Chef David Myers of Comme Ca Brasserie, Sona, and Boule on jonesing for sushi, LA’s farm fixation, and leisure-time indulgences

You’ve really embraced Los Angeles through your creative, passionate use of local produce. How does this city inspire or frustrate you? I was trying to find where I wanted to open my own restaurant, and I fell in love with LA. The scenic beauty of the mountains and ocean deeply inspires me. Traffic is another issue though.

And where do you hang out? I don’t have a lot of time to hang out, given my hours, and on the weekends I am usually traveling. However, I love The Otheroom in Venice. It’s in my neighborhood and I love the vibe.

What is your favorite food? Sushi.

Any favorite sushi spots? I love Sushi Nozawa and SugarFISH. In New York, I always eat at EN Brasserie.

Who do you admire in your industry? Of course my mentors are Charlie Trotter and Daniel Boulud. They continue to inspire me daily, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them giving me a shot.

Any recent trends in dining that you like? The obsession with great products from local farms to plate.

Is there anything you dislike in your industry these days? I try to focus only on the positive. I love what I do.

What is something that people don’t know about you? I avidly support Kipp LA. It’s a program that runs three college-prep charter schools in LA. I love surfing and finding new projects to break out talent.

You currently run two celebrated restaurants and a bakery. Do you cook at home, or order a lot of take-out? I always cook at home. Of course, this is when I have the luxury of being home.

Plans for the future? We are opening two Italian restaurants with my partner Steve Samson, a bakery with Hide Kubota, and opening Boule in Tokyo in September 2009.

What are you doing tonight? I’m working at Sona, then going home to cook with my Weber grill.

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