Canadians Spy On Their Citizens Too!

Canada has always had an inferiority complex with the United States. Our little buddies to the north have always been regarded and underappreciated as a US Lite, or perhaps our little continental suburb. But now Canada has something to be very proud about (along with the latest Michael J. Fox sitcom): Documents have just released documents have revealed that Canada’s electronic spy agency used information obtained from the free internet service at a major Canadian airport to track the wireless devices of thousands of ordinary airline passengers — even for days after they left the airport. Oh Holy Fuck, Canada!

Yes, free airport Wi-Fi is not as free as you think. What did people expect, that the pay-less wireless service was purposed for the selling of Cinnabon ads? Documents obtained by our boy, Edward Snowden, revealed the Cannuck electronic snooping antics.

Is this a bad thing that the Canadian intelligence did? Ronald Deibert, one of Canada’s foremost authorities on cyber-security, stated that the citizen spying operation was certainly illegal.

“I can’t see any circumstance in which this would not be unlawful, under current Canadian law, under our Charter, under CSEC’s mandates.”

Break for typical Canadian email: “I like hockey. Do you like hockey? Let’s go have some maple syrup soon and buy some new toques. Bye-bye.”)

According to the CBC:

The spy agency is supposed to be collecting primarily foreign intelligence by intercepting overseas phone and internet traffic, and is prohibited by law from targeting Canadians or anyone in Canada without a judicial warrant.

Egg on CSEC chief John Forster face: he recently stated, “I can tell you that we do not target Canadians at home or abroad in our foreign intelligence activities, nor do we target anyone in Canada. In fact, it’s prohibited by law. Protecting the privacy of Canadians is our most important principle.”

Congratulations, Canada! You and your passive aggressive nature, your crack smoking Toronto mayor, and your free healthcare are just as sleazy, when it comes down to it, as the United States of America!

So once again, in case you’ve been keeping track, the only thing we have to fear is the NSA, guys wearing Google Glass watching us pee, revenge porn, and now… Canadians!

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