All the Week’s Parties: New York’s Hottest Spots, Night by Night

Being a partier used to be as simple as throwing on a clean tee and getting out the door. Now, it’s work. The Jane was once our last great hope; it’s now all but shuttered. Just when we feel we’ve found our new home, a place where — if not everyone knows our name, at least they know our label — it loses its license, lease, or cool. If we were lazy, we’d advise you to try the Boom Boom Room every single night of the week, but if on top of the world isn’t really your scene, here’s what’s been moving and shaking amongst the movers and shakers this week. We’ll be trying them out one by one, consumed with the determination to find our Beatrice Inn incarnate.


Out: Le Royale’s le over, but the party’s moved on. Goldbar‘s dancey Monday night for industry/locals called it quits, probably because their staff was still too wasted from Sunday.


Antik (Greenwich Village): Where have all the Le Royale kids gone? They’ve carried on with Monarch Mondays, moving along with a stint at Above Allen, but this week found themselves at the little speakeasy bar below Antik. ● Stanton Social (Lower East Side): Monday nights here are, dare I say it: still fun after all these New York minutes. ● Butter (Noho): If last night was any indication, Butter was back (as if it ever left). The place was packed with a healthy mix, and it seemed like the usual suspects make Monday night a solid tradition here.

Others: Black & White (Greenwich Village): Restaurant becomes cramped, sexy, sweaty hotspot after ten.


Out: Newish venues bask in the glow of venues now passed, and old standbys stay stable for the drinking occasion.


Rose Bar (Gramercy): Still kicking it with a mix of Gossip Girls, models and worldly travelers. ● Avenue (Chelsea): When nightlife all-stars work the door — the Beatrice’s Todd and Angelo team up with Wass for some reinstated Bea fun — and fashionable DJs like Lanvin enthusiast Mike Nouveau abound, it’s worth a revival of sorts. If they offered drink specials, this place would be a thorough hit with the downtown ‘it’ kids. ● 1OAK (Chelsea): Right around the corner, the one-of-a-kind kids get the spillage of displaced hipster kids, who can’t decide between one gilded lounge or the other.

Others: Tenjune (Meatpacking): Sure snobs, it’s stale. Doesn’t mean it isn’t packed.


Out: Chloe 81 used to own this night a mere year ago, and Southside used to be on top as well.


Le Cubain (Lower East Side): Once the spot for ‘new Beatrice‘ Chloe, Le Cubain, the restaurant above draws all sort of PYT’s, proving once again that restaurants add a whole other dimension to nightlife. Babes with bangs in boots and vintage fur coats abound, and eventually make it downstairs for a Chloe revival. ● 1OAK (Chelsea): This is still OAK’s undisputed ‘hot’ night, but it gets much hotter tonight, as Oak’s woodsman, Scott Sartiano will be celebrating his birthday. Expect the popping of many bottles of Dom. ● Greenhouse (Soho): This one is in the basement, kids.

Others: The Eldridge (Lower East Side) and their rock night with Mike Nouveau (again!) showed promise last week, so fingers crossed things add up. Meanwhile, the Hotel Gansevoort (Meatpacking) premieres Digital Wednesdays: a mix of media-ites, and the usual self-promoting party promoters. Hot spot? Doubtful, but we’ll check it, just to be sure.


Out: Thursday has kept a nice collection of parties, favoring both A and D list. Thursday may be the new Monday.


BEast (Chinatown): Ryan McGinley’s night of debauchery is still in swing. Expect a Misshape or two, Sophia Lamar, and a band of insiders. ● subMercer(Soho): You may have forgotten about this celeb laden underground, but she’s back. ● Above Allen (Lower East Side): The view looks really good on Thursdays at this lounge with a view.

Others: Get spilled on in the hole-in-the-wall that collect’s BEast’s over spill at 169 Bar (Chinatown), or head to Baddies (West Village), where Collett and a slew of good looking guys and gals make this space a great after-dinner dance spot.


Out: It used to be a day of rest for jaded New Yorkers, but since we’ve stopped bleeding moola, Friday’s a great day to cut loose. B&T collectors like Griffin are done, while zip codes do most of the overall collecting.


Butter (Noho): Friday night party Whipped is so fresh, most can’t believe it’s Butter. Resident hipster DJs Matt & Maia draw out big name fashion folks like Alexander Wang and the Ronsons, and buddy up with special guest DJs like Interpol’s Paul Banks. Mixed clientele harbor a serious need to put on their dancing Miu Mius. ● Boom Boom Room (Meatpacking District): You probably won’t make it in like the rest of the plebeians (us included), but if you could, this would be the night to go. ● The Standard Grill (Meatpacking District): What’s that, didn’t make it in to Boom? Luckily, the Grill is jumping with everyone else who tried their luck, and are now eating duck. Luckily, even the most beautiful, classy of folks gather here, so it’s a hotspot, nonetheless.

subMercer(Soho): Two nights in a row, this spot is hot.

Others to try:

Civetta (Nolita) Finally, a fun late-night spot to hit in this nabe? Steve Lewis says it’s true. Otherwise, head down to Home Sweet Home (Lower East Side), where Jonathan Toubin brings the fairly popular New York Night Train to this little living room on Friday nights.


Out: Collective Hardware burned a floor or two, and if you aren’t in the loop, you probably wouldn’t know what the good nights are anyways. In any case, tonight is all about Halloween.


Boom Boom Room (Meatpacking District): Secret Halloween parties abound! Expect some seriously gorgeous costumes filtering through. ● Lit Lounge (East Village): Sometimes, patrons of Lit look as if they celebrate Halloween every day of the year. Sometimes, it really is Halloween. ● Bowery Hotel (East Village): Simonez throws ragers here, spanning Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Keeping it fresh by keeping outsiders guessing, tonight’s Halloween party is going to be tops on the terrace.


Out: It’s been a while since the playing field has been leveled.

In: Goldbar (Nolita): Some say this is as good as Sundays could get. Some say you might still be wearing your Halloween hooker get-up from last night. If so, skip this place. Far too classy for the likes of you, missy. Sway (Sway): Moroccan-themed rocker. Share in the angst with La Lohan on Sunday night Morrissey fests. Greenhouse (Soho): Though it may have a troubled door, Green’s Sunday night has been thriving.

Others: At 1OAK (Chelsea), the boys have been trying to bring back 1Oak’s Sunday night. Might want to check in on their progress.

Photo: Patrick McMullan

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