The Meow Meow Drug Will Make You Cut Off Your Nuts

The scenario almost sounds like one of those reefer madness stories propagated by the Hearst Corporation in the 1930s; A kid tweaking out on the newish street drug “meow meow” cut off his own penis and then stabbbed his mother. Either sounds like as worst-case-scenario as it gets — or this kid KNOWS HOW TO PARTY!

Is meow meow the zombie uprising instigated in pill form, or is the news story making the rule out of the exception? The way the story plays out, it makes it seem like if any levelheaded teenager takes meow meow, the next thing he will do is take a sharp object to his penis. (Could it also be the case that this kid was mentally disturbed pre-meow meow?)

Meow meow, better known as mephdrone or MCAT, is a synthetic amphetamine-like stimulant that produces effects similar to MDMA and cocaine. Those who meow meow feel euphoria. Also feeling paranoid and anxious, and exhibiting classic teeth grinding. Think of it as designer meth that can be bought on the Internet.

A little meow meow history: Instigated in the UK, the drug started popping up for sale on the Internet back in 2007. Being that it’s a designer drug, meow meow went under the radar of being classified as a banned Schedule 1 drug. Basically, think of meow meow as a sinister little cousin of bath salts.  Need an illustration of that? Check this out:

According to Rolling Stone:

In November 2011, mephedrone was categorized as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States. The rescheduling came one month after a Kentucky father and his two sons were handed down federal prison sentences for distributing 17 kilos of mephedrone across Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and the Internet under the name “Ivory Bath Salts.”

Still mephedrone is widely popular with young Brits; the magazine Mixmag published a reader survey that stated meow meow as the fourth most popular drug (after weed, molly and cocaine), mentioning that 75 percent of its readers have used the drug since it was banned on their shores. Still, you dig around, I’m sure you can find it for sale on the Internet on sites like this.

Like many new drugs, there’s always an aura of sensationalism in the media (Miami Bath Salt Cannibal – I’m talking to you!) It’s never a good thing when someone cuts off their own penis – but they were printing similar type of stories about marijuana back in the ‘30s.

[Editor’s note: probably don’t buy/ingest meow meow if you value, you know, anything.]

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