Google Glass Now Available To Any Douchebag with $1500

Yes, the eyewear equivalent of the ‘fanny pack’ has just become available to any person in the US who wants to risk being punched in the face in public.

(NOTE: This is what a fanny pack looks like:


Google announced Tuesday that it’s opening up its Explorer Program to more people who have interest in becoming a Glasshole. So far the reaction to Google Glass has been compared to the reaction you would get for shitting in the pool:

A 20-year-old tech journalist reports that he was walking through San Francisco’s Mission District on Friday evening when he had the $1,500 wearable computer ripped off his face by a woman who yelled “Glass” and took off running — an apparent protest of the controversial gadget.

Want more? Okay, here’s more…..

A San Francisco woman who says she was attacked at a bar on Haight Street after refusing to stop wearing Google Glass has released video footage of the incident that she filmed with the new technology that spurred the confrontation in the first place.

Bars in San Francisco are already popping up with signs such as this. (Either a great undercover marketing scheme, or a signal that people just plain hate you if you are adorned with this ugly device.)


I’m still waiting for a compelling reason for anyone to want to wear Google Glass (unless accompanied by a Bluetooth headset.) Marketing videos such as this one, though pretty to look at, are sorely missing the mark, or shows that you can be the star of your very own reality show, starring….YOU!


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