Amazing DJ, musician, and all around good, sweet person Jeffrey Tonnesen has passed. I ask thespian / DJ and all around nice guy Michael Cavadias to tell me about Jeffrey: "He was an amazing DJ and all around sweet person.  I worked with him a lot he was alway so supportive of everyone and giving. When we went to Ohio to campaign for Obama he really was the most dedicated person on the entire t... Read More >

A Look Back on Tunnel Before the Reunion

Nightlife | By. Steve Lewis | July 29, 2014

This Saturday there will be a Tunnel reunion. Tunnel was one of the greatest clubs of all time. It had amazing eras, moments, controversies, outright scandals, death, destruction, incarceration, and incarnations. It was a magnificent mess. Physically, the space was grand. It was housed in the old Terminal Warehouse where trains took goods to and from waiting ships in the nearby Hudson River. The l... Read More >

Photo by Nina Poon Lucky Cheng's, the long running dinner with drag show has closed following the tragic June death of its legendary operator Hayne Suthon.  Although her bout with cancer was a drawn out affair, her passing still took everyone by surprise. Lucky Cheng's suffered without her consistent guidance during her illness and came to a screeching halt when she succumbed. Lucky Cheng's, the... Read More >

Debbie Harry (1976) by Fernando Natalici via Lot 180 Well, there's something happening here, and what it is ain't exactly clear. Tonight is the innaugural exhibition of Lot 180 and there is a lot going on. Ron Kosa, an old school clubbie, has put together a, "carefully curated exhibition and sale featuring an exciting array of rare and unseen vintage art, signed limited edition photographs, vinyl... Read More >

WEDNESDAY, JULY 23. JHU COMIC BOOKS (32 East 32nd) / / welcomes writer Greg Pak as he returns back to Marvel Comics. It is buy 2 get 1 free Batman Day over there, but the action centers around Greg signing his Storm #1 ANMN. This shin-dig runs from 6pm to 8pm. Gilby Clark, ex Guns n Roses/Slash Snakepit guitarist, will perform at Blackthorn (51 80-12 51st Street Elmhurst, Queens... Read More >

Photo by Colin Miller via NYYIMBY The talk of the town is of the building 40 Riverside Boulevard, which has separate entrances for its richer and poorer tenants. It's all about tax breaks which demand 55 out of 219 abodes are for the unwashed masses. Everyone thinks this is the end of the world, and the developer, Extell Development Company, and The City's Department of Housing Preservation and ... Read More >

I'm taking Mondays off for the rest of the summer, as life is getting in the way of work. Until recently, I thought they were the same thing. Life is on my mind today as I file in celebration of the life of Larry Levan—arguably, the most important DJ that ever was. Larry was born on this day, July 20, 1954. By the time of his passing on November 8,1992, House music (a genre he helped create) had... Read More >

Saturday is a lazy day for me: a picnic in the park with puppies is more alluring than any nightlife offerings. Susanne Bartsch has her monthly soiree, Kunst, at Verboten (54 N 11th Street, Brooklyn), just a hop, skip, and a jump from my BBurg abode. There will be live shows from, well everyone who comes, plus AB SOTO and LAFAWNDAH and music by DJs Juliana Huxtable, Colby B, Team Buffy and Disc... Read More >

Where to Spend Your Summer Fridays

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | July 17, 2014

Although it is cool outside for a summer day we are deep in the season and certain predictable patterns are in place. There is a great exodus to seasonal retreats while oodles of tourists flood the city looking for fun. Clubs, especially EDM-based ones, will thrive on foreign travelers' appetites for dance music until their regulars return in about 6 or 7 weeks. Those escaping town often stay here... Read More >

Allison Sarofim, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, Josephine Meckseper, Annabelle Dexter Jones, Ann Dexter Jones, singer Sophia Bastian Monday night, Belstaff and BlackBook joined forces for a dinner at Rosette on the Lower East Side to celebrate the women of New York:  author Julia Chaplin, actress Annabelle Dexter Jones, Guest of a Guest founder Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, and artist Josephine M... Read More >