Tribeca Film Festival After Dark

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | April 22, 2014

Olivia Thirlby and Anton Yelchin at the 5 to 7 party at STK.   The Tribeca Film Festival swirls around us and I am taking time to catch the wave. There are so many films, so many parties and so many celebrities that it almost feels like LA...OMG not. Parties are invariably RSVP, so you might, err you must, have to hustle an invite, and I'm not going to help you with that. I got my own p... Read More >

Swedish acts that cross over into the North American consciousness have tended towards the endearingly twee. But bands like Skull Defekts and Johnossi are exporting sounds and attitudes much more confrontational and viscerally explosive. The latter have an explosive new album, Transitions, being released in the US April 29th by Universal Sweden/Caroline. The duo of John Engelbert (vocals, guita... Read More >

Update: Genghis Gengis Found Dead

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | April 17, 2014

Photo by Sara Wass A familiar face in nightlife known as Genghis Genghis is missing. Trevis Dane Wimer and close friends are desperately searching for him. Trevis had this to say: "Genghis a NYC nightlife staple for over two decades has been missing for almost a week. After being cut from work at Webster Hall Friday evening on April 11th, it is reported that he was heading to Slake at 251 West... Read More >

DJ Jonathan Peters Spins Tonight

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | April 17, 2014

Throughout his career Jonathan Peters had a rep. He often didn't get the cred of the marquee DJs like Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia or Junior Vasquez, but among a certain crowd he was all they ever wanted. I loved going to Jonathan Peters' nights. They were sold out and the energy was unparalleled. In the DJ game there are boxers who slip and slide, finesse to impress, and take s... Read More >

Nicole Sabouné It's Wednesday, sometimes known as "hump day," because once you get past it you are over the hump and it's downhill to the wonderful weekend. In nightlife it is a key night, one of the hardest to fill. It was my theory when booking nightclubs to make Wednesdays an alternative night. The feeling is to do something off the beaten programming to give regulars a rest. Regulars are t... Read More >

Photo: Retna Ltd. READ: Steve Lewis visits Michael Alig in prison, April 19, 2014. Club kid founder Michael Alig is to be released from jail on May 5, according to sources in the know. A check of official prison site by Alig friend Victor Corona confirmed the news. Alig, of course, has been serving time for the murder and dismemberment of drug dealer Angel Melendez on March 17,1996. He has b... Read More >

Brooklyn Is Cooler Than Manhattan

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | April 14, 2014

Image via Getty It has been noted and discussed ad nauseam, written about, lived; Brooklyn is just way cooler than Manhattan. Sure zillion dollar boîtes serving inflated swill to well dressed patrons still make Manhattan better than any urban city in the U.S. of A, but the "edge" has moved across a very wide river. A punctuation mark to this not-so-bold-anymore statement was the "Nirvana" gig ... Read More >

MONDAY, APRIL 14. Playroom presents Underground House sounds with DJs Jean Pierre and Kevin Melito at Electric Room 355 W 16 Street 11PM TUESDAY, APRIL 15. DJ Ms Cal at Three of Cups. It's Rock and Roll.Garage, Punk, Sludge and Metal. 85 First Avenue, 10PM It's Raining Men at Bossa Nova Civic Club with Project Matt. 1271 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16. Mixed for... Read More >

An event held to benefit the Humane Society of NYC brought to our attention a budding empire of great food and drink. Bamboo 52 (344 West 52nd St) is owned and operated by Chef Owner John Greco, who also owns Philip Marie in Greenwich Village, Burger Shot 123, and the gay lounge Posh. He will soon open Que Rico. The event this past Wednesday night marked the publication of The New York Dog, a pi... Read More >

Tonight, Uncle Mike—a DJ most recognizable for the music at Bungalow 8 in its heyday and these days at No.8 (357 West 16th Street)—will celebrate his umpteenth birthday. I don't really know what umpteenth exactly means (you can google it if you want), but it has the word teen snuggled inside it, and so I’ll say it means Uncle Mike has had his share of nights and days but remains young in spi... Read More >